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Dublin 30. July 2022
Hi, how lovely to see you participating in the Color Obstacle Rush! 
Please read this document very carefully. It contains important information about how to prepare and what to expect from our Color Obstacle Rush this year. Don’t forget to share it with your group!
The event will take place on SATURDAY 30th July 2022 at the HOWTH CASTLE.
Here you will find information on how to get to the event.
Howth Castle
D13 EH73
Howth Castle is just 30 minutes ride away from Dublin City Centre heading north, to Howth.
You can check the timetables here.
You can also reach the venue by bus. Lines No.6 and H3 from Dublin City Centre come close to the venue. You can plan your route and check the timetables from
From Dublin City Centre, head east on North Quays, continuing onto Amiens Street and along North Strand Road to Fairview. Continue straight along R105 coast road through Clontarf Road towards Sutton Cross and then straight on to Howth.
Attention ! We have a limited number of parking spaces.
We strongly recommend public transport but if you come by car please choose the most ecological option: carpooling with your teammates as there will be a lot of participants arriving on site!
On arrival, please follow the instructions of the parking stewards who will guide you to the event parking areas.

In order not to stain your car / public transport, we recommend bringing a change of clothes, some towels or a large plastic bag. Buses and trains may not allow passengers on board who do not have clean clothing or something to cover the seats.


In order to be able to attend the event, it is mandatory that you have the following documents with you and present them upon arrival. Otherwise, you may not be admitted to the event:


• The ticket
• A valid ID
• Confirmation of the signed terms and conditions form
• If applicable, the order confirmation for the pre-ordered products



Please present your ticket with the QR code at check-in.



To be able to participate you must have a terms & conditions form (T&C) filled out.

Every participant needs to fill out the T&C form. You can find the form here.


After sending the form, you will receive a confirmation email, which you will need to show us at the entrance. There is no need to print the T&C form as long as you can display the email on your screen! To avoid problems at the entrance, please check if all the other members of your group have filled out their forms as well!


Before the run: check your start time and how to prepare yourself for the event



When should I arrive?


We have given a specific arrival time for each start group so that you can collect your wristband and t-shirt and take part in the warm-up. Please check the schedule below to find out when to come to the event. Please do not come to the event before or after your scheduled start time.


The schedule, Saturday, July 30th, 2022:


10:00 a.m. Check-In opens
10:15 a.m. Opening of the festival area


Start time: 11:00
10:45-10:59 Warm-up
11:00 Start of the run
Please arrive: 10:00-10:15


Start time: 11:30
11:15-11:29 Warm-up
11:30 Start of the run
Please arrive: 10:15-10:30


Start time: 12:00
11:45-11:59 Warm-up
12:00 Start of the run
Please arrive: 10:45-11:00


Start time: 12:30
12:15-12:29 Warm-up
12:30 Start of the run
Please arrive: 11:15-11:30


Start time: 13:00
12:45-12:59 Warm-up
13:00 Start of the run
Please arrive: 11:45-12:00


Attention! Final start group leaves at 13:00 and the last possible entry to the course will be at 13:15 so remember to be early for the last start! Last warm-up starts at 12:45.


It takes approximately 45-75 minutes to complete the route. After the run, at the finish line, there is a colour festival to celebrate your successful run!


If you have purchased a "any start time" ticket, you can participate in any of the start times. Just choose the best one on the list above! Please note that you have to arrive before 12:45 to the check-in.


Not sure which time you had?


Your start time is stated on your ticket. The tickets were sent to the email address of the person ordering and can be found in their customer account. This person can also log into their account on our website and download or view the tickets from there. The account will be created for the person who made the registration!


If your email address isn't recognized when logging in, make sure you're using the correct username. The account will be created under the email address/username of the person who signed up and paid for it.

Log in page:



For check-in


• Your ticket
• The confirmation email you received after completing the Terms and Conditions form. (Here)
• Your valid ID that matches the names on the T&C form.
• Possibly the order confirmation of the pre-ordered products.


For the rush:


• Sunglasses or goggles.
• Appropriate running equipment. We recommend you wear a garment that covers the entire leg.
• A huge smile!


For the journey home:


• Something to cover the seats in the car or bus.
• Change of clothes (optional).




After the run, there are food and refreshment options near the festival area.
The rolling heifer will be present on site with the best smash burgers in Dublin.
Their prices are between 6.50-7.50€


Do you still have questions? Check our FAQ here!

General information

Arrival and pre check-in

When you arrive at the parking lot, please follow the signage and the directions given by our staff. As soon as you arrive at the event, we will require you to show us your ID and confirmation of filled terms & conditions form. You can find the form here.


The terms and conditions form must be filled up by each participant individually (and bring the email proof). In order to allow you to participate in the event.


It is okay if participants aged under 16 years on the date of the event don’t have a valid ID, as long as their parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult who accompanies the participant has one. 


Please ensure that you remember to bring with you a valid photographic ID, a valid

order confirmation and confirmation of filled terms & conditions form. You don’t have to print your order confirmation or email confirmation of the completed T&C form, you can also show them from your phone. 


Please note there will be no tickets available for sale on the event day.


At the check-in, you will be asked to show us your ticket.


To speed up the check-in, please prepare your ticket and you order confirmation (if you have one) in advance.  


You will receive your T-shirt and wristband at the checking. You will receive your pre-ordered products (face paint, tutus, etc.) after check-in from the in-store pickup point. In order to receive your pre-ordered products, we ask you to show your order confirmation


We kindly ask you to decide in advance which T-shirt you would like to receive at the check-in (they are standard unisex, range S-XL). If you feel you are somewhere between two sizes, take the larger one: it will be more comfortable! Unfortunately, as a safety measure, we do not allow exchanges. 


The wristband is your ticket to the event. You must wear it on your wrist throughout the event.


After the check-in, you will also have an opportunity to buy some merchandise at our store. Please note that we accept contactless payment. 

And one more thing: you’ll receive your personal color packet as soon as you cross the finish line!

Security of the event

Click here to go to the terms and conditions form. We ask you to fill it out before the event date. Each participant must fill out the form.


After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email that must be presented at the event entrance. You don't need to print out the confirmation or the T&Cs as long as you can show the email on your phone screen! To avoid problems at the entrance, please make sure that all other group members have also filled out their own forms!  


The minor (12-17 years old) waiver and parental consent form must be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the minor participant.


Underage participants aged 12-15 must be accompanied by a supervisor throughout the event.


All participants must be at least 12 years old on the day of the event. 


Participants in the Color Obstacle Rush should be aware that they participate at their own risk. For your safety and the safety of all other participants, we ask you to follow the instructions of our team throughout the event.


Before every start group there will be a warm-up to get you prepared for the run. Like everything at Color Obstacle Rush, the warm-up is about having fun, too! Get ready to dance and stretch with us!  


The event is separated into start groups of approximately 500 participants per slot. It will take 20 to 30 minutes for the whole start slot to go through the gate so please be patient (the start is done this way to avoid queues on the course). Please follow the instructions by the announcer and the starter as they guide you to the start gate.


Remember that the event is not a competition and the most important thing is to have fun! So if you prefer not to run then jogging or walking around the course are perfectly acceptable. Please be considerate to the faster runners and leave room for them to pass and vice versa. Peace, love, understanding and sweet harmony to every rusher regardless of their running pace!


There is a store at the event selling items including sunglasses, bandanas, paint packs, face paint, tattoos, silicone bracelets and gym bags. We accept card and cash payments in the store.

You can collect your possible pre-ordered products from the collection point in the store.

Where to keep your stuff?

You will be able to leave clothing in our controlled cloakroom. The cloakroom will cost 2 € per participant and you will also be charged 1 € for each visit (apart from when you pick up your belongings to leave of course). Please note that we take payments by cash or card.


Each participant will be able to leave one bag at the cloakroom. As cloakroom space is limited, we will not accept any bags that are bigger than a regular size rucksack, can’t be hung or weigh more than 5 kg. Permitted items are a jacket or a regular size rucksack (large items such as duffel bags are not allowed).


We also strongly recommend you to leave any valuable items at home. Color Obstacle Rush will accept no liability for any items that are lost and/or damaged whilst in the cloakroom. 


We recommend that you use an appropriate armband with your mobile phone if you want to have it on the course with you. You may also want to put your mobile phone in a clear zipped bag in order to help to protect it from the color, water splashes and foam that forms part of the event. You will not be allowed to carry any bags or rucksacks when participating in the event.


What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes would be a good start!


Wearing contact lenses while running is not recommended. But normal glasses are perfectly fine. The main thing is that you wear some kind of eye protection (e.g. sunglasses). A face mask and comfortable running shoes are also a good idea.


On the day of the event you will receive your Color Obstacle Rush T-Shirt, which will be worn by most of the rushers during the event. Please do not wear anything pointed/sharp or similar during the entire run. with you, because this could injure the other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles.


Because some obstacles include slides, we recommend wearing long pants.


Please note that there are  NO showers at the venue . When the weather is nice, it's easy to shake the powdered paint off your clothes. In wet weather, we recommend bringing a change of clothes, some towels or a large plastic bag so you don't carry the paint into your car or public transport. Buses and trains may not allow passengers on board who do not have clean clothing or something to cover the seats. 

If you bring a change of clothes, we ask that you leave your belongings in the car and change in the parking lot after the event.

Obstacles and color

It might take a few minutes before you can hit the obstacles so please be patient. Please follow the instructions given by the staff and the starter as they guide you to the start gate. 


There will be approximately 20 different obstacles along the route, which is around 5 kilometers long. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the number and range of the obstacles: depending on the venue, terrain, weather, and other circumstances we might not be able to use all of our obstacles at every Color Obstacle Rush event. 

The obstacles are quite easy and fun but you will need to be careful and also pay attention to other runners. If you feel that an obstacle looks too challenging, you can always pass around it if you prefer. Please don’t stop at any of the obstacles to wait for your friends, take photos (or for a nap). This will interfere with the flow of the course and cause congestion and queues at the obstacles. 


It takes approximately 45–90 minutes to complete the course. Remember that the event is not a competition and the most important thing is to have fun – if you prefer not to run, jogging or walking around the course are also perfectly acceptable! Please be considerate to the faster runners and leave room for them to pass and vice versa. Peace, love, understanding, and sweet harmony to everyone regardless of their running pace! 


There are 6 coloring points on the route. The color is 100 % natural corn starch that’s been dyed with food/cosmetic colors. The powder is specifically manufactured for these kinds of events. We use only fire retardant color powder in all of the Color Obstacle Rush events. However, it may cause allergic reactions to those allergic to dust and may also cause asthma attacks.  


Some inflatable obstacles may get hot in the sun. It's not a bad idea to wear leggings etc. to make the experience more comfortable!   


You should wear sunglasses at each color point.

Can I participate if I am pregnant or I have some health issues?

If you are pregnant or have any issues with your health we recommend you consult your

doctor before entering the Color Obstacle Rush. Although our mission is to make the race as safe as possible for every participant, there is always the possibility of unforeseeable incidents (such as falling or bumping into another person).

Finish and Colour Festivals

You get your color pack at the finish line. If you have purchased additional color packs, you will receive them at the in-store pickup point. Then the color festival can start. Just follow the instructions of our moderator and DJ to ensure maximum safety and have fun! You don't necessarily need your own color packs for the Color Festival, and you can of course buy them at any time.


We kindly ask you not to throw anything else on the ground other than colored powder (no packaging waste etc.)!


Please do not stay on the premises after the color festival. We understand that you might want to wait for your group members or just relax and celebrate your great achievement, but unfortunately we have to ask you to proceed straight after the Color Festival so we can avoid crowds forming at the finish line.


Photos and social media

Our photographer will come to capture your fun among the obstacles. All the photos will be posted on our webpage a week after the event. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be photos of all participants.

You can check out the photos from here when they arrive.

You are welcome to bring an action cam (like GoPro) or smartphone to the event, but selfie sticks are not allowed for security reasons. Just remember that there is colour powder, foam and other people on the event so remember to cover your device. 


If you share your own beautiful pictures on social media, please use the hashtag #colorobstaclerush and tag us, so we can find them, too! 🙂 And to get some extra color in your life, please follow us on: 


Facebook: Color Obstacle Rush  

Instagram: @colorobstaclerush


Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we can allow NO audience in the festival area. Some of our venues allow public access to the area and some don’t. In those venues that allow public access your family, friend or cheerleaders can cheer you on from the sides of the festival area.

Just keep in mind that our security personnel and staff might instruct spectators to move to a safer place.

Food and drink

There will be two water stations at the event - one on the festival site and one on the track. You can also bring your own (non-alcoholic!) drinks, but please no glass bottles! However, keep in mind that some of the obstacles might be difficult to complete if you are carrying a water bottle. 


In addition, there are food trucks at some events, but not all. Please read the site-specific information above.


Alcohol and smoking

Please note that alcohol is not permitted at the event. Smoking is also forbidden.

What happens if I can’t participate

Too bad to hear you can't attend! Tickets can be transferred to another Color Obstacle Rush event in 2022 by contacting our customer service. With a medical certificate, the tickets can be rebooked for another event free of charge, otherwise a rebooking fee will be charged (€10/ticket).


Tickets can also be transferred to another person.


All transfer requests must reach us no later than the day of the event and our customer service team will get back to you.


Ticket transfer to another person


No date change on the ticket is required as the tickets are non-nominative. You can hand over the ticket to the person taking part and the new participant can take part in the event by presenting the ticket, their valid photo ID and the confirmation of the terms and conditions form they have signed. 

Please fill out the terms and conditions form here.

Registration fees are non-refundable.


If you need additional help, our chatbot Bot McColors will be happy to help you! And if they don't have an answer to your question, they'll direct you to our customer service team.

Checklist - What should I bring with me?



  • your ticket 
  • The confirmation email you received after completing the Terms and Conditions form.
  • Your valid ID that matches the name on the T&C form. 
  • Possibly the order confirmation with the pre-ordered products. 




  • sunglasses or goggles. Please note that we strongly recommend you to use sunglasses or goggles at our event, but it is not mandatory. Sunglasses can also be purchased at the event. 
  • Appropriate running equipment . We recommend that you wear long trousers.
  • A huge smile! 




  • Something to cover the seats in the car or bus. 
  • Change of clothes (optional).